APC Hospitality is a market leader serving the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast. By virtue of our experience, APC’s dedicated team represents a best in class approach to every relationship and challenge defined as “The APC Way.”  This unique combination of extraordinary service, state of the art technology, professional management and a deep understanding of logistics elevates our industry to an art. We stand as true partners with premier real estate developers, health care organizations, luxury brands and event organizers to elevate every experience.

APC's Portfolio of Services

Concierge/Front Desk

  • Concierge/ Front Desk
  • Front Entry Greeter/ Door Staff
  • Pool/ Gym Ambassador
  • Porter


  • SORA Certified Security Specialists
  • Customized Concierge & Hospitality Services
  • Front Desk Hospitality & Security
  • Professional Point of Entry/ Gate
  • Roving Property Patrols
  • Attentive CCTV Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Security & Safety Assessment & Consulting
  • Event Security

Parking Management

  • Valet Parking
  • Directed Assisted Parking
  • Event Services
  • Consulting for Hospitality & Parking Ops/ Design
  • Garage/ Lot Management
  • Greeter Service

Shuttle Transportation

  • Residential Shuttle Service
  • Commercial Shuttle Service
  • Event Service


APC Hospitality has long-standing parking and hospitality relationships with Developers and Property Management Firms representing luxury Co-ops and Condominiums.

Healthcare & Medical Facility Logistics

For many years, APC Hospitality has provided parking solutions for traffic control, parking over-flow and vehicle management. This includes utilizing technology to assist in contactless & ticketless operations. APC employees understand that patience and compassion are essential when greeting patients and visitors. Providing guidance to all patrons with care and expertise is an essential part of a compassionate experience.


As designated vehicles arrive, APC’s Parking Ambassador politely greets drivers and directs them to self-park in all available spaces. Once spaces are filled to capacity, drivers are guided into tandem parking lanes. Traffic flow is divided based on volume and vehicles are parked in a fashion maximizing lot size. There are contactless & ticketless solutions for vehicle retrieval.

University & College Campuses

APC Hospitality is dedicated to providing a seamless traffic control experience on university, college and satellite campuses. With our unique Directed/Assisted vehicle traffic system, we ensure complete coordination of every component of the parking environment, allowing for rapid, safe parking and retrieval during peak demand periods. APC provides efficient management of parking resources with procedures in place to handle excess vehicles. Our proprietary methodology enables us to maximize vehicle space capacity by a minimum of 30%. This maintains a budget-friendly approach by utilizing appropriate staffing numbers. In addition to our parking services, APC Hospitality also offers shuttle transportation service to enhance campus mobility. Our SORA certified security specialists are trained to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, and staff. At APC Hospitality, we pride ourselves on delivering professional solutions that prioritize convenience, efficiency, and safety.


For over 35 years, APC Hospitality has been the preferred vendor for the NY Tri-State region. Our Event Division provides Valet Parking, Luxury Shuttle Bus and Greeter services to over 900 events annually. From Presidents and politicians, famous actors and business icons, APC has provided exceptional service experiences.

Resorts & Hotels

Sincere greetings and true hospitality are key service elements that APC Valets, Front Entry Greeters and Front Desk Personnel embody. Every interaction is met with pride and brings with it “Impressions Perfected”.