Our Covid-19 Response

APC operates a multifaceted approach to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Safety of clientele and employees is our primary concern. The actions APC takes are with the guidance of Federal, State and Local resources. APC continues to remain up to date with CDC recommendations for sanitization procedures. APC is active in Blue-Ribbon committees formulating “Best Practices” doctrine in conjunction with the National Parking Association, the NY/ NJ Strategic Event Task Force, and a residential building panel of industry experts.


Ellis M. Dumont was a presenter on the Covid-19’s Impact on the Parking Industry. Click here to view.

2020 Innovator of the Year Award

The 2020 Innovation Award is the highest award granted by the National Parking Association. APC’s Grocery Delivery Assistance Program highlights our Commitment to Community by providing this service free of charge.

Contactless Solutions

APC’s cloud-based valet software provides a ticketless solution. Our proprietary system streamlines parking operations through web, mobile and SMS technology. An easy-to-use, next generation platform improves efficiency and enhances the customer experience at every location. Software allows real-time insight into customer data, vehicle information and assigned employees. Most importantly, this system provides a safe contactless experience.


APC has implemented CDC recommended cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting procedures. Employees are provided hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes/sprays to clean commonly touched items and surfaces throughout the day. Examples include, key fobs, steering wheels, door handles, push start buttons, front desk stations, keyboards and building door handles. The use of wipes is augmented by the use of UVA bags for key disinfectant. High volume locations utilize UVA wand lights as a further supplement. Plexiglass partitions have been installed on all podiums.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s)

In order to help limit the spread of Covid-19, all locations utilize employee temperature screening procedures. APC has provided employees with PPE’s to further protect the health of clientele, colleges and co-workers. PPE’s consist of vinyl gloves, hand sanitizers and washable cloth face masks. Employees are trained on how to properly disinfect and dispose of PPE’s. Six-foot social distancing is in place for all positions. All employees are advised to stay home if sick or have a known exposure to the virus. Resources are provided that educate employees on the common symptoms and testing facilities.