Welcome to APC’s Suite of Services

This unique combination of extraordinary service, state of the art technology, professional management and an extensive understanding of logistics elevates Valet Parking, Front Desk & Front Circle Management to an art.

By virtue of APC’s extensive experience and training, our dedicated team represents a best in class approach to every relationship defined as “The APC Way”. We stand as true partners with premier real estate developers and property management firms to elevate every experience.

Valet Service, Front Desk Service & Front Entry Management

APC staff are courteous and pleasant public relations professionals. Clientele are always welcomed with a courteous scripted greeting. Employees present as professionals impeccably groomed and neatly attired. Uniforms and name plates identify positions and can be customized.

Valets have a minimum of 2 years driving experience. The valet experience can be customized to use contactless & ticketless solutions to vehicle retrieval. Front Desk personnel are not only the first impression to the building; they also help maintain a secure environment. Front desk personnel screen all guests, contractors and vendors. Building technology can be utilized and we have extensive experience with front desk software as well as development of Operating Practices. Front Entry Management is a unique service combining both door and valet services. Our staff manages front entry vehicular and pedestrian traffic. All employees present as building ambassadors, properly greeting all and they carry out well defined job duties.


Our Human Resource Department search for passionate hospitality oriented personnel. Applicants must possess excellent interpersonal skills. Screening and interviews are customized to client specific needs. Reference checks are standard procedure. Background checks are client driven and are obtained upon request.


All employees are trained through APC’s award winning Certification Program. Employees receive a minimum of 4 hours classroom training which covers introductions/overview, all APC policies and practices as well as position specific training. Safe Driving is classroom topic for valets. Dependent upon the position outline, there is 8-16 hours of on-site training. Time is spent on customized defining goals, objectives and position specifics.


APC provides high quality administrative support. Our office is open 6am-7pm, 7 days a week including holidays. Management services are available 24 hours a day.

Command Center Operation

Dispatchers confirm attendance/arrival time for all personnel. On site camera feed is monitored. Real time information is shared with Location Managers, Operations and Human Resource Personnel as needed.

APC Northeast Headquarters
APC Mid Atlantic Headquarters
APC Southeast Headquarters
APC Security Services, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Ellis M. Dumont
Executive Director, Human Resources
Helen Dumont
Managing Director, Operations/Equity Partner
Bisi Bamigboye
EVP/General Counsel
Greg Kost
Regional Director, Security Division of APC Security Services, Inc.
Salvatore Ingui
Director of Special Projects/Risk & Safety Mgt./Equity Partner
Darrin Smith
Business Developer
Cory Haynes
Manager, Client Care & Team Building
Kaddy Vei
Manager, Talent Acquisition & Team Building
Sabrina Burguillos
Sales Coordinator
Maritza Ibrahim